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Forensic Oral Pathology Journal - FOPJ
Volume 3 Number 6. Published in March 2012 (eISSN 2027-7628)
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Role of Oral Pathologist in Forensic Science.
Rol del Patólogo Oral en Ciencias Forenses.

Shetty Pushparaja.
A.B. Shetty Memorial Institute Of Dental Sciences. Deralakatte, Mangalore (India).


Forensic odontology is a developing science of great importance to society. Forensic investigation requires a skillful blend of science using both proven technique and common sense. To be an expert forensic odontologist one should possess knowledge, skill, experience and training. Oral pathologists have major responsibilities in training forensic odontology experts. Copyright © Syllaba Press International Inc. 2009-2012. ® All rights reserved.

Key words: Forensic odontology, Knowledge, Oral pathologist.


La odontología forense es una ciencia en desarrollo de gran importancia social. La investigación forense requiere de una hábil combinación de ciencia, técnicas contrastadas y sentido común. Para ser un odontólogo experto forense debería contarse con conocimientos, habilidades, experiencia y capacitación. Los patólogos orales tienen importantes responsabilidades en la educación de expertos odontólogos forenses. Copyright © Syllaba Press International Inc. 2009-2012. ® All rights reserved.

Palabras clave: Odontología forense, Conocimiento, Patólogo oral.

Pushparaja Shetty, MDS.
Professor, Department of Oral Pathology and Microbiology
A.B. Shetty Memorial Institute of Dental Sciences,
Deralakatte, Mangalore (India)